Play & Download sahil py khary ho chaly jana sajad ali MP3

10.04 MB
512 kbps
- Sahil Pay khary ho by john shaqi

5.78 MB
128 kbps
1 - sahil pe khade

10.81 MB
183 kbps
2 - Raat Kali Ek Khwab Mai Aayi by Kamran James Sandhu - Yaatra Band - Syracuse, NY

8.24 MB
256 kbps
3 - Sajjad Ali - har zulm (cover) , guitar chords.

4.88 MB
320 kbps

8.39 MB
358 kbps
5 - Sahil pe khade ho

10.04 MB
128 kbps
6 - sahil pay kharay ho tumhay keya ghum chalay jana by Aamir Bhatti

3.34 MB
256 kbps
7 - sahil pe khade clip

5.34 MB
166 kbps
8 - sahail pe sahail

5.45 MB
170 kbps
9 - sahil pe kharay ho by sid rehman

10.26 MB
512 kbps
10 - sahil pe krey ho tumhain kia gham sajjad ali

8.64 MB
80 kbps
11 - Sajjad Ali - Yaad Official Music Video HD

8.13 MB
155 kbps
12 - sahil pe khare ho tumhe kya ghum chale jana By Raheel Khan

10.04 MB
175 kbps
13 - Sahil pe khary ho...

10.04 MB
720 kbps
14 - sahil pa khary ho by aadil

10.04 MB
115 kbps
15 - sahil pe khare ho by sajjid 2013 song

9.23 MB
120 kbps
16 - Ishq Karte Ho Aur Zindagi Ki Baat Karte Ho!!!

9.27 MB
320 kbps
17 - Sahil pe khare ho tunhe kiya gham chale jana

2.26 MB
160 kbps
18 - Sahil pe khary ho tumhain kia gham chaly jana song

6.88 MB
120 kbps
19 - Sahil pay kharay (of Sajjad Ali sung by anonymous girl)

3.85 MB
515 kbps
20 - Sahil pe kharay ho - Sajjad Ali cover

9.23 MB
524 kbps
21 - Sad Urdu Poetry !!!Ishq Karte Ho Aur Zindagi Ki Baat Karte Ho!!! - YouTube_2.FLV

8.57 MB
125 kbps
22 - Har Zulm Tera Yaad Hai Bhoola To Nahi Hun - UnKnOwN SiNgEr

1.49 MB
145 kbps
23 - Sahil pe khade ho Sajjid ali Orignal karaoke track

6.88 MB
85 kbps
24 - Har Zulm Tera- Female Version Cover By Momina Mustehsa

9.12 MB
40 kbps
25 - sahil pe khade ho tumhe kya

6.09 MB
512 kbps
26 - sahil pe khary ho

4.77 MB
254 kbps
27 - Sahil Pe Khare Ho by Bilal Ahmed

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