Play & Download gunaah kia dil mene yar ka tor k MP3

20.04 MB
160 kbps
1 - dil jiti hoi.mpg

6.86 MB
120 kbps
2 - AyE MeRE DiL BaTa KyA BuRA keh diya

15.67 MB
256 kbps
3 - Yaro Sab dua Karo . . .

26.08 MB
512 kbps
4 - great moment of mazakchat by °_̯͡° X_Å£iyαŋ-mãiK_X°_̯͡°

27.75 MB
720 kbps
5 - kitni bechain ho ke tum say mili tum ko kiya thi khaber k main kitni akyli kasoor

27.84 MB
440 kbps
6 - Dil Tod ke na ja

30.43 MB
256 kbps
7 - Soniya..Dil Todhna Hi Tha ( Rahat Fateh Ali Khan / with Lyrics) Edit By kinza pari

20.15 MB
128 kbps
8 - Gunaah kiya dil maine ( covered by Mehar Asad ) ( Blood Money Love Version)

5.67 MB
155 kbps
9 - Kyun Keh diya pyar tha (break up song)

26.32 MB
40 kbps
10 - Hare Hare Hum To Dil Se

9.73 MB
40 kbps
11 - ‪ALLAH RasoolALLAH S A W kay Gunah Bakhsh Day Ga Surah Fatah Ayat 2 maulana ishaq urdu‬‏

9.34 MB
170 kbps
12 - N0Or e Khuda (Ramzan Mubarik) by ° _̯͡° X_Å£iyαŋ-mãiK_X°_̯͡°

22.19 MB
320 kbps
13 - Tarrannum Naz/ Ek shaks mera sheesha e dil tod gaya hai - PtvLive

13.8 MB
98 kbps
14 - altaf raja sad song

2.81 MB
128 kbps
15 - Attha ullah Dil lagaya ta dil lagi k liy BY PRINCE FAHAD

22.24 MB
166 kbps
16 - Le main tere vaaste sab chod ke aa gayi

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