Play & Download aik phool motiye da arif lohar songs MP3

23.44 MB
128 kbps
1 - Arif Lohar Bol Miti da Bawa Unplugged

62.95 MB
115 kbps
2 - Mansoor Ali Malangi Ik Phul Motiye Da Maar k

8.83 MB
80 kbps
3 - Arrif Lohar Song - Ik Phull [Official Video] Music Waves

14 MB
256 kbps
4 - Attaullah Khan Esa Khelvi - Ik Phul Motiye Da

9.89 MB
358 kbps
5 - Akhiyan ton bhul hoi sad song arif lohar YouTube

13.69 MB
178 kbps
6 - ek phool motiye da _by khoso baloch from New Jatoi

7.4 MB
183 kbps
7 - Ek Phool Motiye Da Mar k Jaga Shniye Naseebo Lal Live Punjabi, Seraiki, Cultural, Folk, Song

16.77 MB
128 kbps
8 - ek phul motiya pt2 arif lohar and bushra sadiq.wmv

14.79 MB
120 kbps
9 - Song Ek Phool Motiye Da Mar k Jaga Shniye {Arif Lohar}

23.95 MB
320 kbps
10 - arif lohar ek phul motiya da

10.83 MB
256 kbps
11 - Remix Ek Pul Motiye Da -Arsalan Ahmed Orangi Town Karachi.wmv

13.4 MB
512 kbps
12 - ik phul motye da mar ke punjabi tappay) by famous PAKISTANI singers YouTube

19.18 MB
512 kbps
13 - Alif Allah, Jugni, Arif Lohar & Meesha, Coke Studio Pakistan, Season 3

12.92 MB
440 kbps
14 - Eik Phull Motiay Da Maar Kay Jaga Arif Lohar

19.82 MB
320 kbps
15 - Aik Phul Motiya Da Maar Ky Saraiki Song By Mansoor

2.86 MB
512 kbps

12.92 MB
720 kbps
17 - HD aik phul motia dar maar ka - arif lohar

9.51 MB
125 kbps
18 - arif lohar ik phul motiye da

36.52 MB
98 kbps
19 - Arif lohar Ek Phul Motiye Da Best Live Perfomance

14.44 MB
175 kbps
20 - Ik Phul Motiye Da, Mansoor Malangi, Punjabi, Seraiki, Cultural, Folk, Song, PTV

10.39 MB
185 kbps
21 - Dilwala Dukhra Arif lohare Remix Song SaD

9.93 MB
170 kbps
22 - Arif Lohar - We Ankhian - Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster (2011)

10 MB
120 kbps
23 - arif lohar akhiyan ton phul hoi bay rehan aslam

13.07 MB
650 kbps

9.51 MB
510 kbps
25 - aik phul motye da

9.29 MB
256 kbps
26 - punjabi song,ni ek phool motey da , sailkotian lions

63.02 MB
155 kbps
27 - Mansoor Ali Malangi Ik Phul Motiye Da Maar k ... by awaisali711.................

8.17 MB
125 kbps
28 - Ek phool motiye da

6 MB
145 kbps
29 - Arif Lohar - Ik Phul Motiye Da + Kamli Yaar Di Kamli (Remixed by Mukthar Sahota)

10.11 MB
128 kbps
30 - Ik Phul Motiye Da Remix

20.54 MB
125 kbps
31 - Ek Phul Motye Da Mar Ke Jaga Sohniye Full Hd

11.98 MB
128 kbps
32 - Ek Phool Beliya Ho Gamkue [Full Song] Mayee Ke Lifafa

10.11 MB
40 kbps
33 - Ik Phul Motiye Da Remix - Arif Lohar (High Quality)

13.84 MB
166 kbps
34 - Mansoor Malangi Old Song , Sham subaiye sunjiyaan Ek phul motiye da maar k jaga suniye , Punjabi, Se

63 MB
515 kbps
35 - Mansoor Ali Malangi - Ik Phul Motiye Da (Full Version)

10.28 MB
254 kbps
36 - Lalan Walya Saayan (ARIF LOHAR)

9.07 MB
524 kbps
37 - Ai Koka Tera Sat Rang Da Arif Lohar PRIME TIME SHOW 91

12.57 MB
160 kbps
38 - Ek Phool Motiye Da Mar k Jaga Shniye Nadeem Abbas Lonewala Live Punjabi, Seraiki, Cultural, Folk,

18.72 MB
85 kbps
39 - ek phul motiye da.wmv

16.63 MB
40 kbps
40 - Ek Phul Motiya Da Arif Lohar And Bushra Sadiq(((Mirza Shahzad)))

10.11 MB
41 - ek phool motiye da sahiwal

10.11 MB
42 - Ek Pul Motiye Da - Arif Lohar Remix 720p HD ( Ik Phul Motiye Da )

18.74 MB
43 - ek phul motiya (old)arif lohar and bushra sadiq.wmv

10.59 MB
44 - ek pul motiye da remix arif lohar.wmv

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